[2012-03-09 18:00:06] Ooita!!!!!

It’s Yuya.

It was lots of fun in Fukuoka yesterday~!! There were still some parts that need fixing after doing the 2nd show, but we pulled through! Thank you so much to all that came! The next show’s gonna be in a really big place, so do come and see me okay? lol

It’s the first show in Ooita today. Just finished rehearsals and once we’ve headed back to the studio, there was this amazingly luxurious fried chicken party there…it shocked me. lol

2012-03-09 18:00:06


[AS] sorry for the lack of updates guys~ >.< 

INFORMATION: Tracklist of the 2nd Album [2U]!!! (2012-01-26)

We’re revealing the tracklist for the long-awaited 2nd album [2U] that will be on sale, 22/2!!

22.2.2012 On Sale
Matsushita Yuya
2nd Album [2U]

01 Theme of 2U
03 Naturally
04 Beautiful Days
06 4 Seasons
07 Paradise
08 Life in the dark
10 Last Dance 06’
11 2 of Us
12 Kimi he no Love Song 〜10nen saki mo〜
13 Bird
14 A Song For You
15 Beauty & Beast
16 Secret Love feat.BRIGHT / SHUN

【Version A】(ESCL 3863-4) 
CD+DVD ¥3,980(tax in)
< 3 specials limited to only Version A>
1. Music Videos of all the 6 Hit Singles
2. [3rd Anniversary Special Live]’s special video
3. Event coupon and a postcard to join the special event to get the one-of-a-kind album (valid til 1/3/2012)

<DVD consists of:>
[Music Video]
2.4 Seasons
6.Kimi he no Love Song 〜10nen saki mo〜
Live Documentary from「3rd Anniversary Special Live」
「SUPER DRIVE」from「3rd Anniversary Special Live」

【Version B】(ESCL 3865-6)
CD+DVD ¥3,980(tax in)
< 3 specials limited to only Version B>
1. [Hikari, Sono Saki He] Full movie
2. [Hikari, Sono Saki He] Trailer
3. Event coupon and a postcard to join the special event to get the one-of-a-kind album (valid til 1/3/2012)

<DVD consists of:>
[Hikari, Sono Saki He] Full movie

【Normal Version】(ESCL 3867) 
CD ¥3,059(tax in)
< 3 specials limited to only Normal Version>
1. Three-way Special Case
2. 28P Booklet
3. Event coupon and a postcard to join the special event to get the one-of-a-kind album (valid til 1/3/2012)

< Regarding the Special Draw for those that’ve purchased [Kimi he no Love Song] single>
"A chance to win yourself rare Matsushita Yuya goods!"

Reward A One-of-a-kind album produced by Yuya himself (x1)
Reward B LIVE TOUR 2012 ~2U~ Backstage Passes (x4 for each venue)
(19/5 Zepp Fukuoka 24/5 Zepp Nagoya 25/5 Zepp Namba 27/5 Zepp Divercity Tokyo #these 4 venues)
Reward C An alarm clock with Yuya’s voice recording as the alarm. (x10)
Reward D A letter card from Matsushita Yuya personally (x50)

#For more information, please refer to the postcard included in the album [2U]; on sale 22/2

A New Year’s Message from Yuya (2012-01-01)

Happy New Year!!
It’s Yuya!!
2011 was a year filled with all kinds of experiences.
It was also an unforgettably tough year for both me and everyone else after the great earthquake incident.

I myself had my drama debut and there was much to be learnt but so little time…but I got to spend the year well!
In this one year, there’re times when I think to myself, “Ah, I’m so tired—” but because of the support from my fans; I end up thinking “I’ve got to work harder! I’ve got to work harder!” and have been able to do so! Thank you so much, really——!!!

And then comes 2012, that makes it the 4th year since my debut, I’ve already found my own objectives, themes and of course, things I’ve always wanted to do have piled up (lol)!
Well, it doesn’t mean I’ll be doing it all at once, so I’ll be starting small, one step at a time!

On the other hand, I’ve begun to read this manga called [Uchuu Kyoudai] = [Space Brothers] and in that manga was a line, “Forcefully hang in there!”. Usually, one would think that one should hang in there but not forcefully doing something, but others often told me that I was overflowing with this “forcefully hanging in there without giving up”-kind of spirit (lol)! 
Do you think so too?
Well, to those that think so, do read [Uchuu Kyoudai]! That line’s in the 16th volume!

The topic of this entry kinda strayed off a bit, but anyway, I’ve been thinking of challenging new heights this year, not forgetting self-enrichment. Not only in singing, but in dancing too.
I’m aiming to be someone whom by someday, you guys would be proud of supporting.
That’s why, do take care of me this year as well!
And please come for me!!
I won’t let you down-!
25th Jan of 2012 is the release of [Kimi he no Love Song ~10 Nen Saki Mo~, as well as 2nd album that I too have waited long enough for will be released in February!!!! The nationwide tour in 22 locations are also coming along.
The first half of 2012 would mostly be Osechi dishes = Customary Japanese New Year dishes, but do eat everything okay (lol).

I’m praying that 2012 would be a good year for you guys!
And do treat me well in 2012, everyone!

Alright—, I will be forcefully hanging—— in there!!!!!

[2011-12-26 16:07:14] Album Recording!!

Hello, its the staff.

We’re recording songs for the album today in the city. Just finished the dubbing for the string quartet, so next up’s the acoustic guitar recording. It looks like it’s gonna be a track that is uniquely album-ish!!

2011-12-26 16:07:14

Data Collection!! [2011-12-08 13:32:23]

Hello, it’s the staff!!

Going for the promotion of the single that will be sold on the 25th of Jan, [Kimi he no Love Song ~10 nen saki mo~] today!!

It was drizzling when we reached the location. It could also be because of the warm winter that we still have autumn leaves in December. 

2011-12-08 13:32:23

Yeah!! [2011-12-04 01:24:29]

Yuya desu.

It’s colddddd———- lol.

2011-12-04 01:24:29

Completed [2011-11-28 03:56:41]

Yuya desu.

The music video for my new song [Kimi he No Lovesong ~10 Nen Saki Mo~] is complete!! Thank you so much to all the staff that stayed up late~!!

2011-11-28 03:56:41

INFO: 【News Flash!!】New Single & New Album to be Released!! (2011-11-17)

Sorry to have kept you waiting! Matsushita Yuya’s long awaited new single and 2nd album will be released. NEW SINGLE, “A Love Song for You ~Even after 10 years~” will be released on the 25th of January!!

The long-awaited 2nd ALBUM is scheduled to be released in February 2012.

There will be updates from time-to-time so please wait for it!

[AS] Sweet title of a single! So, mark your calendar! And lets all together patiently wait for the 10th Single and the 2nd Album coming out next year~! ;D

Arigatou!! [2011-11-15 14:42:48]

The opening show for the 3rd Anniversary Live show started from my hometown, Osaka, yesterday. Thank you, everyone~!! Tokyo’s tomorrow, I’ll give it my all!!

2011-11-15 14:42:48

INFORMATION: [MICHAEL JACKSON TRIBUTE LIVE] Performance Confirmed!!!! (2011-11-14)

Yuya confirmed to be performing for the [MICHAEL JACKSON TRIBUTE LIVE] on the 13 & 14th of December, at Yoyogi Stadium’s Arena 1.

13 & 14 December
Yoyogi Stadium Arena 1 (Tokyo)
(Please check the event site for more details.)

※Matsushita Yuya’s comment
[ It is my greatest pleasure to be able to perform for my favourite singer; Micheal’s tribute. Getting excited for the song that I’ll be picking for the performance. ]

EDIT: [Sam] I’ve already checked out the event site.. and here’s the pricing.

S-Grade Seats: 11,000 yen
A-Grade Seats: 8000 yen (Tickets available from Eplus)


For those that can’t make it, it will also be on UStream for all to watch, will be posting the link up as soon as it’s available